Cotton Gloves

High quality bulk white cotton gloves

Using white cotton gloves

Protective white cotton gloves are designed to assist with a variety of general applications, including lifting and handling tasks. Pro-Val’s range of white cotton gloves are designed and manufactured to be of the highest quality, ensuring that hands are protected in the workplace.

Our wholesale white cotton gloves are designed to act as liners of other gloves, or in solo applications that require more comfort than a rubber glove.

If your business requires comfortable handling solutions that are engineered to the highest possible standards, then Pro-Val’s quality white cotton gloves are the perfect fit.

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Pro-Val’s collection of disposable white cotton gloves are made from quality materials, including 100% cotton and polycotton. They boast a variety of handy features, including:

  • Comfortable lining for other heavy duty gloves
  • Non-bleached design for feel and skin comfort
  • Additional protection against dirt and dust
  • Keeping hands insulated without losing feeling
  • Lightweight designs with stitched thumb for extra support
  • Reusable and washable for sustainability and low cost

For complementary hand protection products, visit our extensive collection of gloves, including disposable gloves and examination gloves. for more information about handling solutions for your business, give our friendly customer service team a call.

White cotton gloves in the field

Pro-Val’s high quality range of cotton gloves are perfect for low impact industries that require protection from dirt, dust, and light contact. Our products are suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Warehousing, logistics, picking and packing lines
  • Photography, media, and other delicate applications
  • Medical and pharmaceutical environments
  • Cleaning, maintenance and custodial work
  • Food manufacturing and processing as an inner glove
  • General industry and light manufacturing
  • Material processing and production lines
  • Dirty or dusty environments

Workplace health and safety

Safe, healthy, and protected work spaces are essential for all business in Australia. Businesses that fail to uphold state and federal workplace health and safety regulations can face heavy fines, business closure, and if serious, imprisonment.

Pro-Val is proud to be an industry leader in protective wear. We want to help your business remain compliant with legislated standards. That’s why we only produce the highest quality products, ready for you to buy in bulk.

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