Disposable Gloves

Plastic gloves to suit a huge range of applications

The Pro-Val range of disposable gloves is suitable for use in a range on environments and industries, including science laboratories, schools, food processing environments, mechanical workshops, and beauty salons. Our disposable gloves are available is a wide range of materials, including vinyl, latex, nitrile, and polyethylene.

See our range of disposable gloves below or get in touch with the Pro-Val team if you have any questions. We can advise you on the right type of gloves for your needs.

Hygienic and compliant disposable plastic gloves

At Pro-Val, we offer a huge range of protective equipment and clothing, including hygienic products. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality and compliant products to customers in many different industries.

Our range of disposable plastic gloves are suitable for a wide range of applications, and we have both medical grade gloves and HACCP certified food handling gloves. When you choose Pro-Val, you can be sure you’re getting disposable gloves which are reliable, hygienic, and compliant with all relevant Australian standards.

Whether you need gloves for food handling or any other application where hygiene is essential, we have the right type of gloves for you. Our disposable gloves are:

  • Available in a range of different materials
  • Compliant with international standards
  • Ready for use in food service and other hygienic applications

If you have any questions about our disposable plastic gloves or if you need advice on the right gloves for you, please get in touch with our team.