Examination Gloves

See our range of dental and medical examination gloves

At Pro-Val, our examination gloves are listed on the Register of Therapeutic Goods and meet International Standards for Medical Examination Gloves. We offer high-quality examination gloves in a variety of materials, including latex, vinyl, and nitrile.

See our range of medical examination gloves below. If you have any questions about the right gloves or material for your needs, get in touch with the Pro-Val team.

Hygienic and compliant examination gloves

At Pro-Val, we manufacture a huge range of protective equipment, clothing, and other products. All our products are high-quality, compliant, and offer reliable performance.

Examination gloves are used for medical, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures, and they must meet specific requirements relating to dimensions, watertightness and tensile properties such as strength and elongation.

At Pro-Val, all our examination gloves are compliant with the relevant International Standards and are appropriate for use in a range of medical examinations and procedures.

Whether you need gloves for dentistry, a medical practice, emergency services, or any other application where hygiene is essential, we have the right gloves to suit your particular needs. Our examination gloves are:

  • Available in a range of different materials
  • Compliant with international standards
  • Ready for use in medical practices and clinics

For advice on the right type of examination gloves for your needs get in touch with our team or read our latest news and advice.