Industrial Work Gloves

Supported gloves for hard working hands

Using industrial work gloves

Industrial work gloves are a key safety component for work in a variety of industrial environments. Their robust design ensures that work in high impact environments can continue with limited hand fatigue.

Pro-Val’s extensive range of quality industrial work gloves have been designed to offer wearers superior protection and precise dexterity, while maintaining comfort, breathability, and feel for the wearer.

Care instructions

To cut down on waste and costs for your business, Pro-Val’s superior range of industrial work gloves are designed to be washable and reusable. To care for industrial work gloves, follow these steps:

  1. Wash in temperatures below 30 degrees
  2. Only wash with mild detergents
  3. Never use bleach, oxidising chemicals, or fabric softeners
  4. Let the gloves air dry naturally
  5. Check for signs of wear, tear, and other types of degradation

For specific care instructions by model, visit the product pages below. If you have any questions about caring for Pro-Val’s range of reusable and washable gloves, call our friendly customer service team for advice.


Pro-Val’s range of industrial work gloves are made from high quality materials, including high performance polyethylene (HPPE), nitrile, nylon, and polyurethane. Other features of our range of gloves include:

  • Enhanced palm and finger grip designs
  • Ventilation technology to keep hands cool
  • Oil and chemical resistance
  • Snug but comfortable fit

The exact features of each product will vary by design and purpose. To learn more about our products and their features, visit the product pages above, or call our expert customer service team for assistance.

Industrial work gloves in the field

Industrial work gloves from Pro-Val can offer protection, dexterity, and grip in a wide range of industrial and practical applications, including:

  • Technology, engineering, and electronics
  • Logistics, packing, and warehousing
  • Agriculture and gardening
  • Oil, gas, and chemical handling
  • Forestry and construction
  • Automotive and mechanical industries
  • Plumbing, electrical work, and other trades
  • Glass, steel, and metal fabrication
  • Roadwork and other contracting fields

Workplace health and safety

Strict workplace health and safety regulations make Australian businesses safe and productive. Business owners found to be neglecting these requirements can face heavy fines, and even imprisonment for serious breaches.

Pro-Val is here to help you protect your workforce while remaining compliant with the law. Our industrial gloves are rated on a variety of mandated factors, including:

  • Abrasion — grading protection against friction and scrapes
  • Cut — grading the glove’s contact with sharp edges
  • Tear — grading the glove’s ability to prevent pulling apart
  • Puncture — grading prevention against penetrating points of contact

How our industrial work gloves perform in these categories will determine their application in the workforce. To keep your workers safe, make sure you are choosing the right glove by chatting to our friendly customer service team.