Disposable Lab and Dust Coats

High quality, safe, and comfortable disposable lab and dust coats

Using disposable lab and dust coats

Disposable lab coats and dust coats protect your body from splashes, soiling, dust, dirt, and contamination. Pro-Val’s collection of disposable lab and dust coats must pass rigorous quality control inspections and meet Australian regulatory standards, ensuring your coats protect you in the workplace.

Each of Pro-Val’s disposable lab and dust coats are designed for different applications. They protect you and keep the workplace sterile. Specifically, different products are used to:

  • Protect staff and visitors against dirt, dust and contamination in medical facilities
  • Keep an environment sterile, such as food processing and handling plants
  • Serve patrons as a disposable raincoat at concerts or sporting venues

Selecting the right disposable coat will depend on your industry and how you will use it. Visit the product pages below to see the specific uses of each coat, or contact our expert customer service team. We can advise you on the ideal protective wear and safety accessories for your needs.