Disposable Shoe Covers

Wholesale boot covers for all industries

Using waterproof boot covers

Disposable shoe covers protect your shoes and feet from splashes, soiling, and contamination. Our waterproof boot covers are manufactured to meticulous standards, ensuring that you can work safely at all times.

Pro-Val’s high quality range of disposable shoe covers come in four distinct styles, each with their own features and application:

  • CPE: Cast polyethylene elastomer, which provides water resistance
  • PP: Polypropylene, a thermoplastic designed for cleanliness with a non-skid sole
  • SMS: A triple layer breathable but splash resistant boot cover
  • PP+PE: A combination of PP and polyethylene, making a laminated boot cover with a PVC sole

Choosing the right kind of boot cover will depend on your industry and how you are using the product. For expert advice on the right safety solution for your business, get in touch with Pro-Val.


Pro-Val’s range of boot covers are made from high quality materials, and designed to offer complete protection of the feet. They are completely disposable, allowing you to quickly change in and out of protective wear. Other features include:

  • Waterproofing or splash resistance for increased protection
  • Elastic tops and plastic ties for ease of application
  • Lightweight to improve mobility throughout the work day
  • Reinforced, non-skid soles for increased stability
  • Suitability for indoor and outdoor use in a range of areas
  • Extra large sizes for larger boots and shoes

For the specific features of each boot cover, please refer to individual product pages. For more information regarding our products, get in touch with the friendly team at Pro-Val.

Disposable shoe covers in the field

Disposable shoe covers are an ideal safety solution for many industries that require quick and easy boot safety solutions. Our range of reliable boot covers are suitable for a variety of industries, including:

  • Medicine and nursing facilities
  • Laboratories, pharmaceutical, and research industries
  • Food manufacturing and processing
  • General industrial and manufacturing settings
  • Maintenance, cleaning, and custodial work
  • Construction, demolition, and asbestos removal
  • Anywhere that requires floors to be protected

Workplace health and safety

Employees and employers in Australia are protected by stringent workplace health and safety regulations, dictated by the federal and state governments. Failure to uphold these requirements can result in heavy fines, business closure, and even imprisonment.

Pro-Val is an industry leader in protective clothing. We understand these regulations, and want to help your business remain compliant with all legislated standards. Our whole disposable shoe covers are a health and safety essential for many industries.

We only manufacture and sell products that meet our rigorous standards, and those of federal and state health and safety bodies. Our products are also HACCP approved for food safety. For more information about the specific safety standards of each product, visit our product pages, or get in touch with our customer service team.